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Bruno Vansina - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Christian Mendoza - Piano    
Bert Cools - Guitar    
Stefan Lievestro - Double bass    
Teun Verbruggen - Drums    
Carlo Nardozza - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Jeroen Van Malderen - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Dree Peremans - Trombone    
Tom Verschoren - Trombone, Bass trombone, Tuba    
Wietse Meys - Tenor saxophone, Clarinet, Flute    
Steven Delannoye - Tenor saxophone, Bass clarinet, Flute    
Malik Mezzadri - Flute    
John Ruocco - Clarinet, Bass clarinet    
Kristien Ceuppens - Oboe    
Bart Indevuyst - French horn    
Kensuke Taira - Bassoon    
Kobe Proesmans - Percussion    

This new project features the 'Bruno Vansina Quintet' and a large horn ensemble. The music consists of compositions by Bruno Vansina arranged for large ensemble by Dree Peremans (Rebirth Collective), a young talented Belgian composer, arranger and trombonist. For his arrangements he gets to work with a full colour pallet : flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, 2 tenors, 1 alto, 2 trumpets and 2 trombones plus a large rhythm section: piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion. A total of no less than 17 musicians!

Bruno's choice of horns for the large ensemble is reminiscent of Gil Evans/Porgy and Bess and of Charles Mingus/Mingus Mingus Mingus. And more recent inspiration derived from Wayne Shorter's recordings on 'Alegria' and his collaboration with the 'Imani Woodwind Ensemble'.

The music drives on grooves that appeal to Steve Coleman but also brings to memory the modal music of John Coltrane. Written in an intuitive way yet rhythmically quite evolved, it focuses heavily on color, atmosphere and contrast. The compositions have a worldly feel to them, at times exotic and meditative, like mantras. This feeling is amplified by the beautiful playing of Kobe Proesman on percussion and above all Magic Malik’s (FR) flute playing, largely featured on the newly recorded 'Morning Forest aka Nose up Bottom down - RAT 027'.

Let's not forget to mention the amazing and unique clarinet playing of John Ruocco (USA), and improvisations by Steven Delannoy, Carlo Nardozza, Christian Mendozza, Bert Cools ....

At times dark and dreamy but always and, above all, true contemporary jazz.

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