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Ursa Minor
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Renaud Person
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Web site Dedicated website

Renaud Person - Drums    
Bruno Grollet - Alto saxophone    
Toine Thys - Tenor saxophone    
Michel Paré - Trumpet    
Edouard Wallyn - Trombone    
Olivier Collette - Piano    
Boris Schmidt - Double bass    
Mathieu Monot - Trombone (Past performances)  
Martijn Vanbuel - Double bass (Past performances)  

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This project by the drummer Renaud Person originated from a patient arranging and composing work. In 2017 the drummer has invited some of the finest Belgian jazzmen for sessions which quickly proved decisive. The band now proposes a magnificent repertoire without caring too much about places and times – from Charlie Mingus to Wynton Marsalis, from Kris Defoort to Nicola Andrioli... Or to some original works. Ursa Minor is a quest for a musical journey as diverse as possible, and luxuriously arranged for a "micro" big band".
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