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The Jazz Migrators
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Address Belgium
The band is inactive.
Phone +32 (0)10 84 29 07
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Alain Rochette - Piano    
René Harvengt - Vibraphone    
René De Smaele - Trumpet    
Pierre Lafontaine - Tenor saxophone    
Michel Mainil - Alto saxophone    
José Bedeur - Double bass    
Antoine Cirri - Drums    

A tribute to the Jazz of the 60's

THE JAZZ MIGRATORS is A NEW BELGIAN SEPTET composed of musicians from Belgium, Italy and Canada.
Its repertoire is mainly standards of the JAZZ MESSENGERS, Miles DAVIS, Thelonious MONK, Gerry MULLIGAN etc...

José BEDEUR (double-bass): studied music at the Conservatoire in HUY, toured performing on cello & double-bass throughout Europe since the 60's with COMMERCIAL, JAZZ or FREE MUSIC ensembles; composer, ar-ranger and sometimes promoter.

Antoine CIRRI (drums): involved in JAZZ from the 70's, he has become a master of classical & contem-porary percussions. In the 90's he was the leader of various high level groups. He's also a teacher and a very active drummer on the ROCK, POP and 3rd STREAM scenes.

René DE SMAELE (trumpets): after 4 years in the Conservatoire in Liège, he acquires an extensive mu-sical training in VARIOUS STYLES both in public performances and in studios. He is a specialist with using mutes and an experienced scatman, playing with numerous JAZZ bands.

René HARVENGT (vibes): studied music at the Ixelles Academy and the Conservatoires in Mons & Brussels, percussions teacher and a brilliant pianist as well in JAZZ as in CLASSICAL repertoires, composer and arranger, he can be heard on numerous records.

Pierre LAFONTAINE (tenor sax): born in Montreal, where he started his career as a theatre musician, he came to Belgium in '88 and, whilst he continued playing in theatres, he also performed with a lot of combos ranging from DIXIELAND to MODERN style.

Michel MAINIL (alto sax): after studying in Liège, he was very much influenced by John COLTRANE and also drew upon a 2 year musical stay in the Cameroons; he is now a musical Director and plays all saxophones in many JAZZ and FREE MUSIC ensembles.

Alain ROCHETTE (piano): originally involved in CLASSICAL music, he started a professional career in '78 as a JAZZ piano-player, arranger & composer -especially for theatre- . He has been a teacher for 10 years and has become a leading exponent of COMPUTER MUSIC in Belgium.

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