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The Dixie Ramblers
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Alain Lesire - Piano    
Erik Uitdebroeck - Trombone    
Philippe Van Oost - Trumpet    
Robert Swordy - Clarinet    
Stefan Willems - Double bass    
Daniel Poutrain - Drums    

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The Dixie Ramblers was created in 1987 door musicians jamming weekly in the Brussels Jazzclub “Preservation Hall”; they last there till closing of the club back in 1996.

Afterwards they played during 7 years every week at The Wild Geese, an Irish pub in Brussels.

The band is a traditional “New Orleans” formation : trumpet : Philippe Van Oost, slide trombone : Erik Uitdebroeck, Clarinet/AltSax : Robert Swordy, Drums : Daniel Poutrain, Piano : Alain Lesire , Banjo/Guitar : Jean-Pierre Lienard, Double Bass : Stefan Willems.
Vocals are executed by the three front-liners.

The repertoire consists out of works by The Original Dixieland JassBand, King Oliver, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton,… la creme de la creme of Jazz at the beginning of the 20iest century.

The Dixie Ramblers are participating every year at the Brussels Jazzmarathon, the Megeve Jazz Contest in France and other festivals.

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