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The Demagogue Reacts ! | (Paul Flush / Johan Vandendriessche)
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Paul Flush - Hammond organ    
Johan Vandendriessche - Baritone saxophone, Flute, Bass clarinet, Drums    
Frank Michiels - Percussion    

De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 

THE DEMAGOGUE REACTS squeeze the sounds of Saxes, Bassclarinet, Flute, Hammond Organ, Drums, African percussion and even Didgeridoo into their exciting and original new trio.

No clichés here, the musicians just take off and invite you to follow...

The Demagogue Reacts! departs from the usual Hammond/drums jazz trio tradition, avoiding the clichéd blues licks and rhythms, working more in the spirit of the Larry YOUNG/Tony WILLIAMS "Lifetime" concept.

Johan Vandendriessche is no conventional drummer, but brings a musical style born out of his fantastic sax-playing to the kit.

The freedom inherent in the duo format means that every performance is a journey with a new destination...

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