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Brussels Vocal Project
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Web site Dedicated website
Talia asbl
Address Rue des Marronniers 7
5032 Corroy-le-Château
Phone +32 (0)81 58 85 21
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Web site Dedicated website
Pierre Vaiana
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Frederike Borsarello-Tresallet - Vocals    
Anu Junnonen - Vocals    
Elsa Grégoire - Vocals    
Jonas Cole - Vocals    
François Vaiana - Vocals    
Gilles Wiernik - Vocals    

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"Brussels Vocal Project paired up with leading Belgian jazz composers to pay tribute to guitarist Pierre Van Dormael. This A Cappella sextet makes complex harmonies and rhythms sound warm and soothing. Each tune refers to Van Dormael's masterpiece, the Art of Love." For their debut project, these six singers paired up with leading Belgian jazz composers: Fabrizio Cassol, Nathalie Loriers, Fabian Fiorini, Diederik Wissels, Pierre Vaiana, Pirly Zurstrassen and Serge Lazarévich. They each wrote and arranged a tune paying tribute to guitarist Pierre Van Dormael who passed away in 2008. The lyrics and poetry of the pieces were created by the vocal group, each song refers to Van Dormael’s masterpiece: “the Art of Love”. This repertoire is a unique combination of the different composers’ musical aesthetics. Together, the songs are like pieces of a puzzle, finding their unity in a touching A Cappella homage to the great Pierre Van Dormael.
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