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Take The Duck | (Toine Thys)
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Toine Thys - Tenor saxophone, Alto saxophone    
Daniel Noesig - Trumpet    
Robert Jukic - bass    
Sean Carpio - Drums    
Throsten Grau - Drums (Past performances)  

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"TAKE THE DUCK" is an international Jazz Quartet founded in 1998 by Toine Thys (B) on alt sax and Daniel Noesig (A) on trumpet. The rhythm section of "TAKE THE DUCK" is Robert Jukic (Slo) on acoustic bass and Sean Carpio (Ir) on drums.

‘TAKE THE DUCK’ is many things: an international jazz group, a mysterious name (best small group’s name of year 2002), a quartet without chord-instrument, thousands of kilometers on the road, a three-voices harmony quiz, or a pacific austrian-belgian-german enterprise, perhaps a great concentration of price-winner musicians... But more than that, it is a real BAND (sometimes hard to find these days) with an impressive and specific sound.

A concert of “TAKE THE DUCK” is always an adventure full of surprises, grooves and colors, swing and good energy. They seem able to establish a communication with a big crowd, as well as with a small audience of jazz experts. The horns blend and paraphrase almost telepathically together (Toine Thys on saxes, and Daniel Nösig on trumpet), and leave to the creative rhythm section a lot of space for grooves or ideas (Thorsten Grau on drums, and Robert Jukic on Bass). A very flexible approach and the risks involved in this music make every concert a different experience.

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