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Steve Houben & Michel Herr present "The Real sax section"
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Cathy Lorge
Address Belgium
Agent for Steve Houben, Barbara Wiernik, Jacques Pirotton trio, Le Murmure de l'Orient
So What ? Productions
Address Avenue Van Goidtsnoven 45b
1180 Brussels (Uccle)
Phone +32 (0)2 346 13 15
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Web site Dedicated website

Pierrick Pédron - Alto saxophone   (F)
Steve Houben - Alto saxophone    
Fabrice Alleman - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Kenny Jeanney - Tenor saxophone    
Julien Delbrouck - Baritone saxophone    
& the Nathalie Loriers Trio :      
Nathalie Loriers - Piano, Composer    
Philippe Aerts - Double bass    
Rick Hollander - Drums    
or / ou / of      
Antoine Pierre - Drums    
N. B. :      
Michel Herr - Arranger    

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This project was born on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the instrument which carries his name.
It features 5 jazz saxophonists, from different generations, supported by the trio of pianist Nathalie Loriers.

The ensemble plays a selection of jazz pieces, some original compositions and an occasional American standard.

All arrangements have been written by Michel Herr.

Refined and swinging jazz, with generous space for inspired soloists.

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