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Steve Houben / Jacques Pirotton / Stephan Pougin
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Steve Houben - Alto saxophone, Flute    
Jacques Pirotton - Guitar    
Stephan Pougin - Percussion    

While being, for a long time, associated, in duo, with Jacques PELZER, a rather memorable association which was also his career start, guitarist Jacques PIROTTON also had the opportunity to play with Serge LAZAREVITCH, John THOMAS, Guy CABAY, Michel HERR, Chet BAKER, etc. The overflowing energy of his playing placed him at the forefront of a new modern form of the jazz fusion.

Flutist/saxophonist Steve HOUBEN, was initiated to jazz by his cousin who happened to be no other than... Jacques PELZER. Houben studied at the Berklee College of Music of Boston. Back from the U.S.A. he formed the legendary band MAUVE TRAFFIC, with Bill FRISELL, Kermit DRISCOLL, Greg BADOLATO, Michel HERR, Vinnie JOHNSON. Thereafter, he is often playing aside American musicians like Chet BAKER, Gerry MULLIGAN...
With Luc PILARTZ, he formed the PANTA RHEI orchestra, which features a repertoire originated in European traditional music.

With the complicity of Stephan POUGIN as percussionist, the two other musicians play original compositions, intelligent and tainted with humour.

NB : more recently, the band also performed also as a quartet with the addition of :
Samuel GERSTMANS, double bass

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