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Spanish Jazz Project [Feat. Michel Mainil & Lisa Rosillo]
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Michel Mainil
Phone +32 (0)477 690 913
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Freddy Guidé
Big Brol Productions
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Lisa Rosillo - Vocals    
Michel Mainil - Tenor saxophone    
Alain Rochette - Piano    
José Bedeur - Double bass    
Antoine Cirri - Drums    

Texte également disponible en français 
More than all other kinds of music, Jazz can assimilate the deep roots of different cultures. It all started with the syncopated rhythms of deep Africa.
Thereafter other influences served to shape its development over time.

Whether in Brazil with bossa nova, or with rock, rhythm and blues, fusion or folklore from many countries, Jazz has always left the door open to cultures of all origins.

The meeting between Michel Mainil Quartet and the vocalist Lisa Rosillo draws a richly coloured sketch of one of the most charming languages. Versed in various experiences they now resolutely turn towards Hispanic culture.

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