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Sloong | (Frédéric Williaume)
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Frédéric Williaume
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Frédéric Williaume - Tenor saxophone    
Alain Pierre - Guitar    
Jean Borlée - Double bass    
Jean Campos - Drums    

Sloong was founded in Liège in June 1991.
Sloong is the reunion of 4 musicians coming from different horizons (classical, rock, straight-ahead jazz, fusion)
From the beginning, the band has developped a multi-directional jazz with influences from modern swing, funk and latin-american rythms.

From september 1994, based on experience brought on by this work, the repertoire is composed exclusively from personal compositions specially written for the band. The sound has become essentially acoustic.
Sloong makes a music of a different flavour. There is no leader in the band, each member has the same implication in the process. Each of us brings his own compositions, arrangements and ideas that are discussed together during the rehearsals. We try to develop a long-term project, without compromises.

Since its formation, the quartet played, a.o., at the Travers in Brussels (92,94), the Lion S'Envoile in Liège (93,95), at the Festival des Lundis d'Hortense in Brussels (93), at the festival Jazz à Liège (93), at the festival " çà jazze à Huy " in Huy (95), at the Sounds in Brussels (96,97), at the " 8, rue Haute " in Spy, at the Pletsier in Binche (93), at the Müze in Anwerpen (97,98), ...
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