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Slang | (François Garny, Manu Hermia, Michel Seba)
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Phone +32 (0)473 785674
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
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François Garny - Electric bass, Vocals    
Manuel Hermia - Saxophone, Flute, Vocals    
Michel Seba - Percussion, Vocals    

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"Octaves de la Musique 2005" award (as the "most significant talent of the past season" / jazz category).

A new trio, which categorizes itself as "Ethno-Coltranian-Rock", in which each one of the three individuals brings his own ideas to develop a group concept. Jazz, funk, world music, rock, with special attention to the textures and moods.

Since their first CD, "Los Locos", SLANG have already made a great name for themselves. With each concert, their music and their audience grow.
With "Save the chilis", they pursue their relentless drive and add a much wider range of sounds to their own, very personal -sound-. This is purely their own, and has created its own genre, -REC-, (the French acronym for Ethno-Coltranian Rock), an exquisite blend of rock, ethnic music and jazz (particularly the music of John Coltrane).

One of the big surprises in relation to their first CD is that Slang sing on several pieces, and this is certainly going to open up a few new doors ... With "Save the chilis", Slang pushes out the frontiers of REC - wider, deeper and defintely hotter !

Slang released a new CD in 2005 : "It's on the Way".

Watch a videoclip with live music and interview on Moodio tv

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