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Antoine Guenet - Keyboards    
Lucien Fraipont - Guitar    
Dimitri Evers - Electric bass    
Christophe Claeys - Drums    
Caroline Chaumont - Contemporary dance    

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Shhh is never asked for silence, it is their music whispering it. Through young pianist Antoine Guenet's compositions, the band creates a special universe, inspired by Miles Davis' electric experimentations at the end of the 60's, Herbie Hancock's funk jazz and Pink Floyd's psyche rock.

Let the sound of the keyboards, Dimitri Evers' fretless bass, Lucien Fraipont's electric guitar and Christophe Claeys' drums hypnotise you with their floating music and obsessive grooves.

Shhh started in early 2007, by the initiative of pianist/composer Antoine Guenet. The band – then still a trio – plays its first concert in Open Jazz Festival in Louvain-la-Neuve, as support act for Jef Neve Trio (March 6th, 2007). But the band will only take its true shape in september when Lucien Fraipont (winner of the Jazz Cat Rally 2007) on guitar, Dimitri Evers on fretless electric bass and Christophe Claeys on drums, join the band. Shhh then makes its first steps with a new repertoire of original compositions by the pianist.

Since April 2008, the band welcomes a fifth member, Caroline Chaumont, contemporary dancer, who illustrates the music visually on stage.

Shhh played the First Act for the Esbjörn SVENSSON Trio at the International Jazzfestival Middelburg in the Netherlands.

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