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Web site Dedicated website

Sanja Maas - Vocals    
Max Vande Merghel - Electronics    
Erwin Vann - Tenor saxophone    
Philippe Joosens - Fender Rhodes    
Otti Van Der Werf - Electric bass    
Maxime Lenssens - Drums    
Loup Brenta - videos    
Renaud Houben - sound    

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The project was born in 1999, partly in London and Brussels. This collaboration started throught connections between different musical fields. Sanja graduated as a Jazz singer at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and Max finished the Gateway School of Recording in London.

Sayma travels throught different musical styles, creating mixtures of several influences like jazz, latin music, trip-hop, ethnic music, drum and bass...

The live setup includes instrumental improvisations, acoustic performances, electronic instruments, samplings and synchronised video performances.

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