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The band is inactive.
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José Bedeur
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Web site Dedicated website

José Bedeur - Double bass    
ou José Fontaine - Tuba    
René De Smaele - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals    
ou Christophe Cabus - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals    
Michel Mainil - Clarinet    
ou Laurent Sprimont - Clarinet    
Sébastien Jadot - Trombone    
ou Marc Merciny - Trombone    
José Wampach - Drums    
ou Jean-Pierre Cosy - Drums    
Alain Rochette - Piano    
ou Michel Raedermecker - Banjo    

Our new sextet “SANDYLAND” has been created to carry on the work of Herman SANDY, the famous Belgian trumpeter & singer (now retired).

We have taken up again the original arrangements as they were played in concert and in particular on the historical LP “The talent of Herman SANDY and his Brussels Jazz-Gang”.

The group plays with 6 musicians.
José Wampach & José Bedeur were with the H.Sandy original band.

"Art & Vie" MNJ 166

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