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Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra | (Michel Debrulle / Michel Massot)
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(Collectif du Lion)
Collectif du Lion asbl
Address Rue Belleflamme 49j
4030 Grivegnée
Contact : Myriam Mollet
Phone +32 (0)497 42 96 86
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website

Michel Debrulle - Drums, Percussion    
Pierre Bernard - Flute, Bass flute    
Michel Massot - Sousaphone, Euphonium, Trombone, Tubas    
Christian Altehülshorst - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Nicolas Dechêne - Guitars    
Louis Freres - Bass    
Stephan Pougin - Drums, Derbuka, Congas, Bongos, Daf    
Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet, Flugelhorn (Past performances)  
Etienne Plumer - Drums and percussion, Electronics (Past performances)  

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“What do elephants dream of ? Tuba trunks being played full blast, bursts of sonorous modesty, squawking – wooded poetry – rustling skins, reverberating cords, imaginary dancers, pulsation, blow, rubbing, blow, breathe, blow, pauze.What do elephants dream of ? Of the jungle, of course. Duke’s jungle ? The DJs’ ? Ellington would never have abjured this dense, vital stickiness. Sound manipulators find their witching gear in it too.Digitised elephants’ Dreams add a new hue to the jazz spectrum, a desire for water and mist, a novel way of revitalising order from noise.Under the stones: Eden, the real thing, the other side of God’s graveyard: snaking rhythms, surging solitude, ritual ceremony, fissure, encompassing rhythm. Poles apart from daily semantic rape and ivory dealers, such dreamlike and telluric interlacing yield a new virginity. Watering place for unhinged sounds. Visions of acoustic rave in the land of swinging baobabs. A scathing attack.” (Jean-Pol Schroeder)

Recent Events :

2007 :
- “Visages francophones/ Belges visages” Festival, Cahors

2006 :
- Lundis d’Hortense Festival, Brussels
- Scène nationale, Montbéliard (Fr)
- Centre Culturel, Sprimont
- l’Anvert and the National Music Festival, Liège
- Festival “Le jazz perd le Nord” Festival, Paris…

2004 :
- Release of new CD “Lobster caravan”
excellent reviews in Jazzman, Le Soir, La Libre Belgique, de Morgen…
- “Lobster caravan” dance show for the opening of Jazz sous les Pommiers, Coutances
11 dancers from the P.A.R.T.S school (school principle: Anne Theresa De Keersmaeker) with choreography by Thomas Hauert
- several performances in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland...
- International Montreux Festival

2003 :
- International Middelheim Festival
- Festival des Lundis d’Hortense, Brussels
- EuropaJazz Festival, Mans

2002 :
- Bruges Festival
- International Moers Festival, Germany

2001 :
- Gaume Jazz Festival
- Brosella Festival, Brussels
- Liège Festival
- Vannes Festival – France
+ more than 20 clubs throughout Belgium

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