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Quentin Dujardin / Didier Laloy
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Quentin Dujardin
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Quentin Dujardin - Guitar    
Didier Laloy - Accordion    

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"As each day goes by, while one of the most dear parts of yourself disappears – namely to go on stage – then the whole meaning of a life seems to collapse. Concerts are canceled every day, but I certainly shouldn't be the one to complain most about the profession.

Asking as a musician, what will the situation be following this beautiful flock of live Facebook videos – generous and insidious – that send our rights flying towards Silicon Valley? Where you watch as a few likes and micro-cents are all that fill the artist's hat?

And you, public? Will you still be ready to enjoy a night out at the end of this confinement – which may have driven you paranoid at the idea of entering a sweaty jazz club or simply sitting next to an anonymous person in a big concert hall? Will you still want to pay to take your children to discover TRUELY live artists?

Unlike Germany or France, no concrete measures appear on the horizon to protect Belgian artists from the precariousness knocking at their doors. Because contrary to the recent announcement by the Minister of Culture of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the €8 million in aid isn’t intended for artists in isolation. Once again, it’s the institutions and operators who will benefit from this free windfall.

So today, I decided not to go there by any means!

One concrete solution is to support us directly through crowdfunding, which will bring together many artists and technicians around a project that we have been working on for two years. We sincerely need you in these very uncertain times.

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