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QLC | Quintet Lieven Cambré
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Lieven Cambré - Alto saxophone    
Koen Nys - Tenor saxophone    
Bram Weijters - Piano    
Eric Heijnsdijk - Double bass    
Jan Servaes - Drums    

De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 
The ‘Quintet Lieven Cambré’ exists of musicians who encountered each other in several bands but were brought together in August 2006 by Lieven. An important reason why he gathered them was the growing amount of original compositions that were waiting to be created.
The creativity of this ensemble lies in the personal input of each member. This evokes a lot of energy and intensity during the performance: the audience will certainly be moved!

QLC tries to alternate beautifully between simplicity and complexity, melody and rhythm, between tonal and modal jazz, with a sense of tradition. Thanks to the musical openness and the musicians’ creativity, the tunes get the right shape, different moods and will be performed as a balanced whole.

This young group already had a highlight with ‘A Suite For Charity’ (for Jazz Quintet and Symphonic Orchestra – by Lieven Cambré). This composition was created in October 2006 by the ‘Symfonieorkest van de Zuiderkempen’ (direction: Bert Minten) and QLC with Jef Neve on piano.

A new milestone is the “December Session” live recording, which you can listen to on next site:

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