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Purzelbaum Unlimited | A. Kowaslski / C. Smet
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Anja Kowalski - Vocals    
Catherine Smet - Piano    

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Purzelbaum Unlimited*'s repertoire consists mainly of original compositions based on poems and texts by writers such as : Norge, A. Ginsberg, Gottfried Benn, E. Barrett-Brownings.

It contains also a couple of compositions which are given a new twist through the Purzelbaum spirit including a generous amount of improvisation.

Both their own compositions as well as their cover versions behave to the listener like reanimated versions of long lost songs on the threshold of jazz, chanson and improvised music.

Purzelbaum Unlimited fish for the music contained in stories and the stories contained in music.

*Purzelbaum is the German word for Somersault and hints to the duo’s dark past in Aerobics.

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