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Pierre Anckaert quintet & Brussels Chamber Orchestra
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Pierre Anckaert
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Pierre Anckaert - Piano    
Stefan Bracaval - Flute    
Guy Nikkels - Guitar    
Hendrik Vanattenhoven - Double bass    
Mimi Verderame - Drums    
Brussels Chamber Orchestra - Strings    

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After being awarded First Prize at the Hoeilaart International Jazz Contest 2007 and recording his first trio album Candide, Pierre Anckaert decides to engage the dialogue between jazz and classical music with a classical chamber orchestra.

Strings Attached is an apparent contradiction, a confrontation between old, older and new, a clash between two worlds, that nevertheless produces an irresistible melting pot of sounds and rhythms. The Pierre Anckaert Quintet and the Brussels Chamber Orchestra play music composed by Pierre Anckaert, Stefan Bracaval and Hendrik Vanattenhoven in which they blend Latin-American influences and a classical repertoire into an organic whole, challenging the audience to look at the world of jazz from a classical perspective as well as the other way round. With Strings Attached Pierre Anckaert takes the initiative to cross boundaries, to color outside the lines without falling off the page. Something that has become a rare phenomenon in the Belgian jazz and music scene, all the more when it attains the high level of quality that both groups as separate entities have already proved they can produce, and now also as an ensemble.

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