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Phil Abraham Trio
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René Laanen
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Phil Abraham - Trombone, Vocals    
Fred Favarel - guitar    
Bas Cooijmans - Double bass    

"Nowadays, Phil Abraham is considered to be a European leader of his instrument"

"An original music seducing by it's simplicity"

"A sentiment of wellbeing that lingers long after the music stopped"

"The silky atmosphere of Phil Abraham"

"Attention! Behind his relaxed music, Phil Abraham is a perfectionist. But his exigencies stretch toward simplicity and clarity."

"...the warm and voluptuous sonority of one of currently leading trombone players but also a practice of scat at a level of the sublime Chet Baker (same kind of voice, same sense for swing and melody.)"

"Phil Abraham can take pride for having mastered all jazz styles."

"This is a great little trio who play off one another in perfect balance. No one steals the spotlight here. Kinda reminds me of Bill Evans classic trio with Scott La Faro and Paul Motian in terms of how balanced they were and how well they played together. This trio approaches that level. Look out for them in the future. Who knows, they may be appearing at a festival near you."
Randy McElligott - Jazzreview (February, 2000)

This trio for Phil Abraham is the culmination of a Career matured in rich experiences paved by virtuosity, complexity and the mastering of different kinds of music he assimilated.
The music proposed by the trio is exceptional not only by its form but also by the great respect of its essence. No useless notes, no sound overabundance or unmotivated complexity, just the search for the grandest musicality.

Phil Abraham's personalization of scat has been deeply influenced by Chet Baker, Bobby McFerrin or Louis Armstrong.
The mixture of Phil Abraham's trombone and voice with Fred Favarel's glittering acoustic guitar and Hein Van de Geyn's deep double bass undoubtedly delights the audience.

Fresh air in today's world of jazz and music.

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