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Peer Baierlein Quartet
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Peer Baierlein
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Peer Baierlein - Trumpet    
Ewout Pierreux - Piano    
Davide Petrocca - Bass    
Yves Peeters - Drums    

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The quartet finds its origins in the band JAZZISFACTION, born in 1997 under the leadership of the German trumpet player Peer Baierlein. This group already played in nearly all well-known jazzclubs and became an important part of the jazz scene in Belgium.

Now renamed Peer Baierlein Quartet, with minor personel changes, the band continues to leave its mark on the Belgian scene and recorded a couple of albums. A first CD was released in 2004, entitled "Issues"


- Juul Anthonissen
(1963-1998 Humo, Spectator, Topics, De Standaard, Billboard, Jazz Forum, Jazz Journal, BlueJazz, ...)

A youthful formation being talked about with satisfaction is Jazzisfaction, the quartet surrounding the German-Belgian trumpet player Peer Baierlein, who is now back in Belgium, strengthened after studying for 6 months in New York. Peer plays with much imagination and excellent phrasing, primarily in the great tradition of the 50’s and 60’s including, among others, Kenny Dorham, and secondly in the post-bop canon à la mode of Tom Harrell. He is superbly supported by the perceptive piano player Ewout Pierreux (in the manner of Bill Evans), timekeeper Martijn Vanbuel on the double bass, and the dynamic and intense drummer Yves Peeters. A young-professional formation that long ago surpassed the stage of being a promising group.

- Marc Van den Hoof
''Jazz'' on radio Klara, Belgium

Peer Baierlein (trumpet), Ewout Pierreux (piano), Martijn Vanbuel (double bass) and Yves Peeters (drums) belong to the new generation of jazz players who are swinging into the 21st century with music that knows no prejudice, and which adheres to tradition while at the same time desires to venture into unknown ground, following unexplored paths. Music which readily allows itself to be called jazz, but which also stands out through its open-mindedness to other music styles, yet, all the while marked by authenticity and carefree creativity. It was the right time for Jazzisfaction. Now is the time for Jazzisfaction.

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