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Web site Dedicated website
Domenico Solazzo
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website

Domenico Solazzo - Drums, Percussion, Conductor    
Fred Becker - Soprano saxophone, Alto saxophone    
Christophe Bouquelle - Electric guitar    
Olivier Catala - Electric bass    
Geraldine Clement - Flute    
Daniel Cohen - Drums    
Pascal Dalmasso - Electric guitar    
Emilie Dehalleux - Violin    
Diego Delgado Lopez - Electric guitar    
Pierrot Delor - Percussion, tablas, congas    
Lewis Dijkstra - Alto saxophone    
J.J. Duerinckx - Baritone saxophone, sopranino    
Fabrice Fardelli - Electric guitar    
Ivan Georgiev - Keyboards, Bass    
Vincenzo Grosso - Electric guitar    
Antoine Guenet - Keyboards    
Chervin Laporte - Keyboards    
Jean-Paul Lossignol - Trumpet    
François Lourtie - Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxophone    
Peter Malfliet - Trombone    
Benoît Minon - Electric guitar    
Bruno Nobi - Alto saxophone, Tenor saxophone    
Daniel Palomo Vinuesa - Soprano saxophone, ewi, effets    
Constantin Papageorgiadis - Bass, Double bass    
Jan Rzewski - Soprano saxophone    
Catherine Smet - Piano    
Rik Staelens - Alto saxophone    
Vincent Stefanutti - Tenor saxophone    
Daniel Wang - Electric guitar    

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The PaNoPTiCoN formula is an open invitation to whom desires to dive into the most beautiful musical experience, inspired by the great names of early seventies electric jazz masters (think about the first Weather Report, Herbie Hancock's Crossings, or Miles Davis's Bitches Brew).

Domenico Solazzo's PaNoPTiCoN is a sonic laboratory that takes life on stage and on stage only, where no one knows what to expect, musicians included. No rehearsals are planned. Never. It's improvisation at its very best, centered on three major points : atmosphere, groove and melody.

Each musicians involved in the project are also intensively touring with their own bands. Therefore the line up is subject to change from one performance to another while still keeping a solid basis where each instrument is represented. That's part of deal but that's also what makes PaNoPTiCoN so intersting and fresh, each shows bringing new perspectives.

PaNoPTiCoN's first performances took place in april 2007. Since then, they made about twenty shows, playing in a great number of venues during various special occasions (la Nuit Blanche, Brussels Jazz Marathon).

Last but not least, PaNoPTiCoN has made available all their performances on their official blog where you can listen to them all in full and freely :


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