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Otto Kintet
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Otto Kint
Phone 00 32 (0)474 46 98 78
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Otto Kint - Bass, Composer    
Jeroen Capens - Tenor saxophone    
Martin Salemi - Keyboards    
Lukas Somers - Guitar    
Daniel Jonkers - Drums    

De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 

Messing around with sounds and grooves, the unique compositions of bass player Otto Kint create a very original but accessible sound. Otto Kintetís first EP, released in March 2017, is definitely jazzy with a twist. Owning up to its cinematic aspects, soundscaping and hints of rock music, the band has left quite the impression on the underground music scene in Brussels.

The new album 'GLOED' has that typical Otto Kintet-vibe written al over it. But the sound has matured and gained depth and attitude. Qualities that open up the way to a bigger stage.
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