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Orchestre Toubab
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Web site Dedicated website

Robert Falk - Acoustic guitar    
Benoit Leseure - Violin    
Alessio Campanozzi - Double bass, Bass    
Gilles Daems - Electric bass    
Gauthier Lisein - Percussion    

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L’Orchestre Toubab, is an acoustic quartet which plays original compositions halfway between world music and afrotropical jazz.

The group is Robert Falk (Guitar, Band leader), Benoit Leseure (Violin), Alessio Campanozzi (Double-bass/Bass) or Gilles Daems (El. Bass) and Gauthier Lisein (Percussions). It is based in Brussels.

The music of these buddies is consciously eclectic: energetic Senegalese mbalax, uneven Rhythms from Rwanda, the coolness of Jamaica or Brazil, the dramatic intensity of the Tango or the Blues, etc

Warm melodies, contrasted arrangements and a large amount of improvisation make up an (irresistible) tropical cocktail for an audience that doesn’t worry too much about musical barriers.

The name of the group itself refers to the way Europeans are called in West-Africa (“toubabs”) and also a friendly reference to the famous Senegalese band ‘Orchestre Baobab’
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