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Orbit Folks
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Martijn Vanbuel
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website

Martijn Vanbuel - Bass, Composer    
Lennert Baerts - Saxophones    
Carlo Nardozza - Trumpet    
Mike Roelofs - Keyboards    
Tim Finoulst - Guitar    
Bert Hornikx - Electronics    
Daniel Jonkers - Drums    

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With Orbit Folks bassist-composer Martijn Vanbuel brings out his own brainchild and at the same time introduces his first album published worldwide by Challenge Records. This ‘global citizen’ lived o.a. in Paris, Shanghai and Taipei, and worked at high levels with notables in jazz, pop and world music. In the project Orbit Folks Martijn combines all of these influences into his own whimsical universe, for which he borrows sounds, rhythms and colours from every corner of the musical world. At the same time he brings together a dream-team of musicians consisting of colleague Tim Finoulst on guitar, keys-wizard Mike Roelofs, trumpet-superhero Carlo Nardozza, upcoming sax-talent Lennert Baerts, electronics professor Bert Hornikx and rhythmical genius Daniel Jonkers on drums.
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