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Nroz | (Emmanuelle Somer)
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Emmanuelle Somer
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
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Emmanuelle Somer - Oboe, English horn    
Dennis Colin - Bass clarinet    
Michel Massot - Trombone    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    

Since a few years already, the oboist Emmanuelle Somer had in mind to create the ambitious project of combining these instruments, which are never put together in a classical context, and barely used in a jazz setting. She composed and arranged all the concerts pieces and invited very special musicians to feature them.

The music of NROZ embraces all styles from serial to john Zorn, combining the ones of Zappa, Coltrane, Holland, Spontaneous improvisations, Indian polyrhythms and Bulgarian folklore, a guaranteed firework for the ears!

Dennis Colin, (France)
Born in 1956, Colin is a prominent figure of the bass clarinet who's interested in all styles. He studied at the conservatory of Versailles, university of Vincennes and, a.o., followed master classes with A. Silver, S. Lacy, A. Shepp, C.Taylor...
Recorded his own album in 1990 and leads his own trio.

Michel Massot, (Belgium)
Born in 1960 into a musicians family. Studied at the Liège conservatory, with Garret List, J.-P. Peuvion.. and at the Paris cobservatoire national Supérieur.
Won the Belgian TENUTO competition. Now, teaching at the Liège conservatory, composing and playing with Trio grande, La Grande Formation, Tout Dehors, Variations on a Love Supreme , Klaus Koenig Orchestra (Kenny Wheeler, Ray Handerson, Louis sclavis...)....
Also performed as soloist with the Montreal Symphonic orchestra, Liège symphony...

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