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Natashia Kelly - Vocals, Composer    
Jan Ghesquière - Guitars    
Brice Soniano - Double bass    

Natashia Kelly embraces an Irish singing tradition: the sean-ns .The sean-ns singer has a bare voice, not 'sweet', with a certain 'natural fierceness'. The melody varies from one verse to the next, and from one performance to the next. This is often referred to as the 'variation principle'. Another important aspect of sean-ns is rhythmic freedom.

With her alert companions Brice Soniano on double bass and Jan Ghesquire on electric guitar, they form an adventurous trio. Their music is open and free in a minimalistic multi-form orchestration, subtle colored and open to world music, jazz and contemporary music.

Their rhythm, without drums, is carried by an ostinato - like the waves that carry the surfers, to stay on the surfboard they need to be very attentive to each other.

A concert undulates from silences to rhythms of trance, from a capella to abstract improvisations, ensuring never to lose the thread of poetry.

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