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Natacha Wuyts Quintet
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Natacha Wuyts
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Natacha Wuyts - Vocals    
Manu Bonetti - Guitar    
David De Vrieze - Trombone    
Boris Schmidt - Double bass    
Samuel Rafalowicz - Drums    

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Passion, swing, emotion, such are the main words of this Quintet, united for a trip in the land of eternal standards. This group ventures into the traditional jazz without hesitate to make a small tour in the modern side. The melodic inspirations of the guitar are supported by a high flight rhythm section, coated with sweetness and sensual delight of the trombone, answering the sweet an swinging voice of Natacha. They are inspired by musicians such as Oscar Peterson, Anita O' Day, Chet Baker, Cole Porter, or more modern with Wynton Marsalis, Sylvain Luc, Chick Corea.

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