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Moon Express
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Hugo Boogaerts
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Hugo Boogaerts - Tenor saxophone, Flute    
Nico Schepers - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Bart Van Caenegem - Keyboards    
Patrick Deltenre - Guitar    
Peter Badenbroek - Electric bass    
Yves Baibay - Drums    

Moon Express is a Belgian band around Hugo Boogaerts.

This formation takes you on an express trip though many different styles including jazz, funk, soul and rhythm and blues.
The groove is the main character of the group sound, and is formed by the personal sound of each musician, who rather don't think in terms of one particular style.

For over 18 years, the main driver behind this funky group is Hugo Boogaerts, who is also responsible for most compositions. These are fresh-sounding, with again, a groovy base with original and even funny melodies. Rather unsurprising, knowing that he played with the famous Wizards of Ooze, touring all over Europe.

All in all, an amazing group of musicians, playing a versatile set that can even be appreciated by non jazz-fans!

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