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Mathias Van De Wiele
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Mathias Van De Wiele - Guitar    
Jordi Grognard - Tenor saxophone, Bass clarinet    
Bart Maris - Trumpet    
Lieven Van Pee - Double bass    
Giovanni Barcella - Drums    
Zeger Vandenbussche - Tenor saxophone (Past performances)  
Dajo De Cauter - Double bass (Past performances)  

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Moker is a group of musicians passioned by jazz. All of them are active figures in the Belgian music scene and well recognised for their work. They have a reputation for their energetic and convincing performances with a set of mainly original compositions and improvisations. The music is entirely jazz-rooted but accents are put on free improvisation as well on songwriting. Moker tries to weave their compositions to a story and as in all good stories some roads don't keep on going straight.The result is a dynamic set, filled with contrasts and moods which flow over one to another, offering the listener a ride to a musical trip

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