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Marc Mangen - Fender Rhodes    
Olivier Stalon - Electric bass    
Kris Duerinckx - Drums    

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Mok! results from the meeting of three musicians who knew each other for a long time but who never took time to share their talent in the service of the Art. Without realizing it, during fortuitous and punctual meetings, this association allowed to weave very strong links and to develop complicity and a total understanding, creating a very compact and interactive music.

Mok! takes you towards a musical journey which crosses the roads of History and Geography. Using from own compositions and the European folklore as well as former melodies going back up until the Renaissance, the three musicians develop their improvisations in a new and unpredictable way. This very opened and instinctive music makes memories come back; reminding the Village Vanguard or Woodstock; so every concert becomes a unique experience...
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