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MetX (Laurent Blondiau)
Web site Dedicated website
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Web site Dedicated website
Address De Lenglentierstraat 20
1000 Brussels
Phone +32 (0)2 218 70 52
Web site Dedicated website

Laurent Blondiau - Trumpet, Artistic coordination    
Fabian Fiorini - Piano, Artistic coordination    
Guillaume Orti - Saxophones    
Jeroen Van Herzeele - Saxophones    
Bo Van Der Werf - Saxophones    
Grégoire Tirtiaux - Saxophones    
Yann Lecollaire - Clarinet    
Pierre Bernard - Flute    
Quentin Manfroy - Flute    
Michel Massot - Tuba, Trombone    
Pascal Rousseau - Tuba, Trombone    
Adrien Lambinet - Tuba, Trombone    
Bart Maris - Trumpet    
Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet    
Nathan Wouters - Double bass    
Samuel Ber - Drums    

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MikMâäk is anything but your average bigband: 16 top musicians with astonishing personalities, a repertoire composed by different band members and a savoury mix of sheet music and improvisations. The artistic coordination lies in the hands of Laurent Blondiau and Fabian Fiorini. After their debut album “MikMâäk”, the band will release a new live album in 2019.

Ever since the creation of the project in 2014, MikMâäk has performed at the most renowned jazz festivals in Belgium: the Brussels Jazz Festival, Jazz Middelheim, Gaume Jazz and Mithra Jazz in Liège. The group has also been resident band at Recyclart and Théâtre Marni.

Their sound, energy & podium presence is simply fascinating. Organised chaos is altered with sharp individual interventions that flow organically into liberating compositions… with Mâäk’s typically disarming touch of humour!
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