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Web site Dedicated website
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Erik Bogaerts
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Web site Dedicated website

Erik Bogaerts - Alto saxophone, Composer    
Indre Jurgeleviciute - Litouwse harp (kankles), Vocals    
Bert Cools - Guitar, Electronics    
Ruben Machtelinckx - Electric guitar, Banjo, Acoustic bass guitar    
Brice Soniano - Double bass, Vocals    
Stijn Cools - Drums, Electronics    

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In June 2014 Erik Bogaerts was invited by the Swedish organization ARNA (Art & Nature) as an artist in residence in Harlösa, Skåne (South Sweden). During his stay he composed music for a unusual formation, two guitars, kankles (Lithuanian harp), electronic drums, bass and saxophone. For this band ‘Mephiti’ he chose five musicians with a very strong musical identity. The music is inspired by the lyricism of jazz and finds its influences in classical music, folk music, experimental rock, free improvisation and soundscapes.
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