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Ménage Artois | (Paul Flush / Charles Loos / Luc Vanden Bosch)
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Paul Flush
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Paul Flush - Hammond organ    
Charles Loos - Piano    
Luc Vanden Bosch - Drums    

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Piano, Hammond organ, drums, an unusual combination of sounds to serve to music ritten by Charles Loos and Paul Flush.

The combination of piano and Hammond is rarely heard yet the two instruments go together supremely well. There is great warmth but also an amazing dynamic range, especially when used by two players who complement each other this well. The members of this trio are well known as individual performers and came together in this project just to experiment with a somewhat unexploited musical idea. They were so excited by the possibilities that Ménage Artois immediately decided to record some demo tracks in Wazif Studios. The classic inspiration for the sound, of course, is Michel Petrucciani with Eddy Louiss as featured on their double album 'Conference de Presse', but the addition of percussion takes the idea into new territory and creates a new freedom for the group's improvisations.

Ménage Artois has already played in Brussels' famous 'Sounds' jazz club, in Brussels' 'The Music Village' and other contexts.

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