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Marc Moulin
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Marc Moulin - Keyboards    
Bert Joris - Trumpet    
Frank Deruytter - Tenor saxophone    
Christa Jerome - Vocals    
Renoar Hadri - Electric bass    
Patrick Dorcéan - Drums    

"Marc Moulin started his new tour in Flagey by 2 sold-out concerts.
Impossible to dream of a better place to present this "I Am You" tour; named after the eponymous record which, as it were, combines all his musical passions: jazz, chanson, soul music and electro.
Marc pushes the challenge on a bit further: during the first concert hour opened by six titles of the new album, there shall be no machines. No loops, nor computers. For this, he is surrounded by a heck of a group, with Renoar Hadri on bass, Patrick Dorcéan on drums (rhythmic that doesn't hesitate to bang), Frank De Ruytter on tenor saxophone, the faithful Bert Joris on trumpet and the unavoidable Christa Jérôme on vocals. Unavoidable because we only see her. Even when she doesn't sing, which is now rarely happening. The singer, with jazz as well as soul accents, took more self-confidence, brings a lot to the new musical orientation of Marc Moulin. The latter who, on electric piano and organ, takes a real pleasure to hear his musicians.

Marc Moulin can be reassured: his concert, that swings of an authentic relaxed spirit, opens him the doors of all concert places.

(Le Soir)

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