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Manuel Hermia Trio
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Manuel Hermia
Phone +32 (0)474 10 26 85
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So What ? Productions
Address Avenue Van Goidtsnoven 45b
1180 Brussels (Uccle)
Phone +32 (0)2 346 13 15
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Cathy Lorge
Address Belgium
Agent for Steve Houben, Barbara Wiernik, Jacques Pirotton trio, Le Murmure de l'Orient
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Manuel Hermia - Alto saxophone    
Manolo Cabras - Double bass    
João Lobo - Drums    

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With this trio, Manuel Hermia leads us into a jazz world rooted in tradition and open to all influences for modern music that takes risks, but is always accessible. A groovy and melodic trio, and strives to honour the libertarian music that is jazz.
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