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Mahieu / Vantomme Quartet
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Tom Mahieu - Tenor saxophone    
Dominique Vantomme - Piano    
Werner Lauscher - Double bass    
Geert Roelofs - Drums    

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"BRAVO !!! Another proof - as if it were necessary - that Jazz is alive and still contaminates younger musicians..." (Toots Thielemans)

"What joy to hear after their studies, Tom and Dominique have developed into complete jazz musicians, who show with this very strong quartet that the future of Belgian Jazz is in safe hands." (Mike del Ferro)

"The Mahieu-Vantomme Quartet is a striking demonstration of the quality of the younger generation of professional jazzmusicians that Flanders is so rich in today. It clearly brushes aside the old misunderstanding that Jazz doesn't belong in the traditional music education. A professional approach, sterling solo's, tight ensemble playing, compositions by the musicians are a few characteristics of this group that decidedly deserves a wider audience. 'Jazz as a contemporary form of chamber music' is the best description of this album." (Marc Matthys)

Four musicians, four personalities, four visions, … one group. From numerous loose contacts they playfully found one another. After playing together now for a couple of years, their ideas grew together and they know what they want : an own 'group sound' with room for individual, solo qualities. By this very individualistic contribution, they build up a very diverse repertoire, characteristic though for the group : from very lyrical themes till traditional standards, with a wink at 'free-jazz' and especially own compositions.

The Quartet was laureate of the 'Intern'l Jazz Contest '98' at Jazz Hoeilaart and 'Torneo International Musicale (Jazz)' Rome.

Tom MAHIEU (°1971) soprano- & tenorsaxophone
Started playing saxophone at the age of 18. Studied at the 'Royal Conservatory Ghent' (B) with Frank Vaganee. After following a number of training periods he decided to follow lessons with John Ruocco at the 'Royal Conservatory' The Hague (NL). Tom considers jazz-music as the most broadest base for a musician and wants to use this base to further develop within his own profession as well as through collaborations with other branches of the arts like dance, theatre, film and so on.
For the moment he works as a free-lance musician and appears regularly with bands of his own and of his friends. (El Tattoo del Tigre, mozaiek, Fuzz Lite…)

Dominique VANTOMME (°1972) piano
First studied classical music (piano), but switched to jazz around his 20th. He, too, studied at the Royal Conservatory Ghent with Marc Matthys and Mike del Ferro and followed jazz-training-sessions with Mark Levine and Rob Madna. In 1996 he followed a workshop at the University of Louisville, Kentucky (USA) with teachers Andy Laverne and David Baker. In 1998 he studies in New York with Kenny Werner.
He was the pianist of 'Big Band '86' under Marc Godfroid and the 'Concord Jazz Ensemble' of Courtrai with Joost De Ryckere conducting. With them Dominique appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switserland, the Linköping Jazz Festival in Sweden, Jazz in the Park in Ghent (Belgium) and in Salzburg (Austria).
Further appearances include : Toots Thielemans, Louisiana Red, Banana Peel Blues Band, Theresa Malenfant, Judy Niemack, George Kilby Jr. …

Mario VERMANDEL (°1961) double-bass
Studied with Frank Coppieters and followed masterclasses with Hein Van de Geyn, Riccardo Del Fra and Dave Holland.
Got a First Prize Instrument at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where he studied with Jean-Louis Rassinfosse. Mario played and plays with Jan Mues, Koen De Cauter, Kadril, Paolo Radoni, Wigbert, Quartet En Vie, Richard Rousselet, Hans Van Oost, Peter en Johan VandenDriessche, Ronny Verbiest, Johan Verminnen, Philippe e Chafoy, …
He also played at the Dranouter Folkfestival (93,94,95,96,97 - Belgium), at Skagen Festival (1997 - Denmark), Art Festival Oudtshoorn (South Africa), …
He recorded cd's with Marquito Velez, Kadril, De Vieze Gasten, Lais, Eric Wille, Ronny Verbiest Trio and Johan Verminnen.

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