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Magalon / Hermans / Mercier
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Michael Magalon - Electric bass    
Georges Hermans - Piano    
Stéphane Mercier - Alto saxophone    

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The Magalon – Hermans - Mercier Trio issued from the Belgian Jazz Quartet Sinequa, who’s originality lies in marrying the sounds of M’Base with seventies moods.

After several successful performances with Sinequa, the bassist and group-leader Michael Magalon and the pianist George Hermans start to work on own compositions for Duo and develop a very new sound, which immediately gets remarked by Belgian Jazz amateurs.

A decisive change for the Duo is the arrival of Jeroen Van Herzeele, a prominent Belgian Jazz saxophonist (former student of Joe Lovano, Steve Grossman or Dave Liebann, co-leader of Greetings from Mercury) who gives the Trio the necessary professionalism but also the desire to create a new jazz style.

After several performances with Jeroen Van Herzeele, Michael Magalon and Georges Hermans get discovered by Stéphane Mecier, another prominent Belgian Jazz saxophonist, who immediately proposes to join them.

The originality of the Trio lies in the absence of percussions. The musicians share their deepest emotions and life experiences through their music, creating a transcendent universe of melancholic, expressionistic jazz.

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