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Laurent Blondiau - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Grégoire Tirtiaux - Saxophones    
Jeroen Van Herzeele - Tenor saxophone    
Michel Massot - Tuba, Trombone    
Adrien Lambinet - Trombone    
Bart Maris - Trumpet    
ANATO Simplice - Percussion, Vocals, Dance    
ANAGOKO Agla chayemi - Percussion, Vocals, dance    
ANAGOKO Mahinou Kissinon - Percussion, Vocals, dance    
ANAGOKO Houedanou - Percussion, Vocals, dance    
ANAGOKO Vignon maxime - Percussion, Vocals, dance    
JAMES Jovence Joseph - Percussion, Vocals, dance    
ANAGOKO Bidossessi Stanislas - Percussion, Vocals, dance    
Yiphun Chiem - Dance    
Sadky Goudou - Styling, vocals    
Sam Mary - Lights    

Texte Úgalement disponible en franšais 
De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 
An exciting dialogue between roots music and avant-garde.ö

For some years now, the musicians of MÔńk combine wind instruments, percussionists and singers in projects that mix tradition with improvisation. In their previous projects AL MAJMA┬, with the Gnawa of Marocco, and DJEKOULOU, with the Bambara hunters of Mali, they were curious about the traditional music; transcendental music with a strong therapeutic aspect. For KOJO, their focus is the Vodun, the sacred music of Benin, Africa.

The starting point of this Vodun-project is the respect for the artistic identity and the musical integrity of each group, awakening a curiosity between two rich yet different cultures.

The compositions, where the orchestrations go from duo to tutti, are very spontaneous and improvised but also orchestrated: the ensemble has precise, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic functions.

Kojo toured in 2010 and 2012, and will be performing again in 2018, to celebrate 20 years of MÔńk collective!

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