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Web site Dedicated website

Laurent Blondiau - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Jeroen Van Herzeele - Tenor saxophone    
Guillaume Orti - Alto saxophone    
Michel Massot - Bass tuba    
Samuel Ber - Drums    
João Lobo - Drums (Past performances)  

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"With Mâäk, there is no routine. There is no such thing as “intro - theme – solo – theme – solo – theme – outro”. With Mâäk, anything can happen. Improvisations can start at any time, during the intro, at the end or in the middle. A logical progression is not the goal; it’s a question of vitality, dynamism and the freedom of musicians inside a clearly defined framework. The music of Mâäk is refined, languorous, fascinating, obsessive, magnetic. It plays on atmospheres, explores the possibilities of sound, rhythm and harmony. Sure, it breaks with the habits of classical jazz fans. But at the same time, it demonstrates how jazz can be music of freedom, progress, discovery and adventure. Bold and surprising. You just let yourself go. Forget the idea of guide rails or pointers. Just be carried by the enchanting beauty of something that is not quite still jazz yet not contemporary classical music, nor African. It is, in fact, music that needs no qualifying adjectives. But don’t think that this is an experiment stewed up with a serious brow. Mâäk has fun and amuses us by blowing sunny little bubbles of blue notes. Listen to their latest CD, “Buenaventura”: you will agree.
(Belgian Jazz Meeting 2013 - JCV)
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