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Stéphane Galland - Drums    
Magic Malik - Vocals, Flute    
Petar Ralchev - Accordion    
Malcolm Braff - Piano    
Carles Benavent - Electric bass    
Misirli Ahmet - Percussion    

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Stephane Galland’s LOBI project is nurtured on elements borrowed from multiple ancestral traditions treated in a contemporary way, in which the diversity of experience of the musicians involved gives rise to a unique sound entity.
LOBI is a word from Lingala (the language of the Congo)

In Lingala, the language of the Congo, the term Lobi means both ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’. It is in this concept that one must seek the deep roots of this project, which is unique in several aspects: unique in its way of tackling a multifaceted repertoire, made up of original compositions and ‘traditional’ pieces rearranged; unique in its way of musically linking the past, present and future; unique by the meeting of musicians coming from very different universes and countries who, each in his own way, brings his tradition whilst learning from and exchanging with the singularities of the others; and unique, too, by the style that results from the combination of all these factors, not comparable to other existing groups.

​For this adventure, Stéphane Galland, unconventional Belgian drummer and, for the past twenty years, a member of the Aka Moon trio, has surrounded himself with all the musicians with whom he has always wanted to share the stage and recording studio: his Dream Team, as it were.

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