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Thomas Mayade - Flugelhorn    
Emily Allison - Vocals    
Dorian Dumont - Keyboards    
Yannick Peeters - Double bass    
Jérôme Klein - Drums    

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This is no ordinary, claustrophobic elevator quintet, subjecting hotel guests to wall-to-wall standards and bland vocals; LIFT's jazz is inspired by the glass-walled Brussels landmark that affords unexpected and breath-taking views of their adopted city. Their music has that transparent, airy feel that effortlessly lifts the listener to wide horizons and new perspectives.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the ride is eavesdropping on intimate conversations between the two horns. Sharing roles, range, colors and tone, Emily and Thomas weave intimate melodic conversations, now in perfect unison, now harmonizing, now going their separate ways. Their aerial dance is counter-balanced by a reassuring harmonic presence and sensitive rhythmic support from Dorian, Patrick and Jérôme, securing the link to earth.

LIFT's repertoire maintains that balance with a thoughtful mix of arrangements and compositions. This is jazz for the 21st century, with something for everybody: new ideas, references, improvisation and exploration will intrigue the aficionado, but are never so foreign or obscure as to discourage the uninitiated. The former will be fascinated by design, materials and engineering: the latter will just sit back and enjoy the view.

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