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Jozef Dumoulin - Keyboards, Guitar, Effects, Programming    
Lynn Cassiers - Vocals, Toys, Effects    
Bo Van Der Werf - Baritone saxophone, Ewi, Effects    
Dries Laheye - Bass guitar    
Eric Thielemans - Drums, Toys, Effects    

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Brought together by Jozef Dumoulin, cult piano player of the last years' experimental music-scene, 'lidlboj' consists of four totally unique personalities. The name of the band already evokes the features of this union, which seems to travel through the unknown with the curiosity and freshness proper to children. And this, despite the richness of the bagage of its members, who come from very intense and diverging horizons. Jozef Dumoulin builds on the expressivity of these musicians, and on his own experience with bands such as Magic Malik Orchestra, Octurn, Othin Spake, Dre Pallemaerts Band, Erwin Vann Quartet, Reggie Washington Trio Tree; All those bands enabled him to explore his instrument in different musical genres and situations. lidlboj is probably the synthesis of this research.
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