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LG Jazz Collective
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Guillaume Vierset
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Guillaume Vierset - Guitar, Arranger    
Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet    
Laurent Barbier - Alto saxophone    
Steven Delannoye - Tenor saxophone    
Alex Koo - Piano    
Félix Zurstrassen - Double bass    
Antoine Pierre - Drums    
Igor Gehenot - Piano (Past performances)  

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Meet the LG Jazz Collective: seven strong characters from the emerging Belgian jazz scene. Their first album, "New Feel", is pure, concentrated energy on which the writing and interplay leave plenty of room for a genuine band sound.

LG Jazz Collective was specially created for the Jazz à Liège festival 2012. The enthusiasm generated by the one-night band pushed everyone to go further with it. After winning the Young Talent award at the Leffe Jazz Nights 2012, the group used this as a launching pad to progressively establish their name across the country. What was intended as a ‘one shot’ is now becoming one of the most in-demand bands on today’s Belgian jazz scene.

Led by guitarist Guillaume Vierset, the LG Jazz Collective brings together some of the best new players - including two Sabam jazz award-winners, one Django d'or and one Toots jazz award - the septet brings together young players with a story to tell.

The first album comes in bright, modern colours with reinterpretations of Belgian works as well as personal compositions. It combines the poetry of Philip Catherine, the soul spirit of Grant Green, the energy of Kurt Rosenwinkel, the inspiration of pop melodies by Nick Drake and the influence of big formations such as the SF Jazz Collective and the Pat Metheny Group as well as big bands from back in the day. Guillaume and his dream team offer a powerful album on which the quality of the arrangements showcases the richness of each soloist. "New Feel" reveals a very coherent repertoire in which each arrangement has been chosen and carefully worked to make a seamless album of covers and compositions.

Alongside the rearrangements of Belgian composers that the leader particularly admires, are original compositions such as "Grace Moment" and "Nick D" that boast pop influences. "New Feel" and "The End is Always Sad" venture into more complex structures that nonetheless remain accessible.

With "New Feel”, the septet of jazz’s young Turks offers a debut album with a big sound that makes an equally big promise in concert!

The band received an "Octave de la Musique" in 2015.
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