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l'Americano Grande
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Laurent Doumont
Phone +32 (0)475 67 12 57
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Laurent Doumont - Vocals, Saxophones    
David De Vrieze - Trombone    
Olivier Bodson - Trumpet    
Lorenzo Di Maio - Guitar    
Vincent Bruyninckx - Keyboards    
Raf D Backer - Organ    
Samuel Gerstmans - Bass    
Adrien Verderame - Drums    
Michel Seba - Percussion    
Daniele Pastore - Vocals    
Fily Sciacchitano - Vocals    

This is the fully equipped deluxe version of Laurent Doumont - líAmericano, adding a B3 Hammond organ, a horn section and backing vocals to the original quintet. Letís bring that full and juicy sound from the album on to the stage !
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