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L'Âme des Poètes
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Address Rue des Marronniers 7
5032 Corroy-le-Château
Phone +32 (0)81 58 85 21
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Pierre Vaiana
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© Jos L. Knaepen

Pierre Vaiana - Soprano saxophone    
Fabien Degryse - Guitar    
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - Double bass    

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Each has his preferred songs. Those which were sung by our elders, those which we listen to on the radio, those of our souvenirs, of our loves, of great moments in our life, those of every day and those which during the passage of time maintain their evergreen lustre.
Pierre VAIANA, Fabien DEGRYSE and Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE joined their personal experience and benefited from their differences to select some of the French songs which are part of their common heritage (The band was named after Charles TRENET's famous song "l'âme des poètes", which is considered a standard in "French chanson")
Since its debut, jazz exploited songs of various origins. Many of these standards transformed with time into musical material. From these models, for those who only discovered the modified form, a new form of art was revealed which sometimes was completely detached from its roots. But, each song is a particular emotion, each melody liberates a unique vibration. It is this sentiment of love, essential in every song which is the base for improvisation that the 3 musicians wanted to find and translate through their instruments with their creativity and the sensitivity which is theirs.

The group has performed worldwide, a.o. in Europe, Africa, Canada, etc...and has recorded 5 CDs, a.o. with Jacques BREL's and Georges BRASSENS songs.

A re-creation of the classic French songs with the fresh and creative approach of modern jazz musicians.

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