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© Alexander Popelier

Bram De Looze - Piano    
Anneleen Boehme - Double bass    
Lander Gyselinck - Drums    

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LABtrio are three unique musicians with strong personalities, endowed with a fresh and adventurous approach to music.

The trio’s acoustic universe conceals an urban jazz that flirts with electronic, underground and hip-hop cultures.
Their music is refreshing and constantly evolving.
Besides their own compositions, they alternate with jazz standards with a personal twist.

Since the trio’s founding in 2007, they received several awards and other prizes, including a superb ‘Audience and Grand Prize’ at the prestigious Avignon Tremplin Jazz Festival in 2011.
Thanks to this award they recorded their first album at Studio la Buissone, Pernes-les fontaines in France.

Their first album “Fluxus” (Outhere Records, 2013) - a real gem - constitutes testimony to what is the jazz of today, seen by this new generation of musicians.
It is considered to be one of the best albums of 2013. 2014-2015 were two hey years for the band: they played at the renowned Umea Jazz Festival (12Points), recorded their second album ‘The Howls Are Not What They Seem’ (Outhere Records) with New Yorkers Michaël Attias & Christopher Hoffman and toured through the UK with Match&Fuse.

2016-2017 continues to do so. They have had two succesful tours : the release tour of their second album, named ‘The New York Project’ and a Scandinavian tour with Harald Lassen, a great Norwegian saxophone player.

On top, they were selected for showcase festival Jazzahead!. This new album celebrating their 10th anniversary is the icing on the cake.
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