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Kris Defoort's Diving Poet Society
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© Petra Cvelbar

Kris Defoort - Piano    
Nicolas Thys - Electric bass    
Lander Gyselinck - Drums    
Guillaume Orti - Alto saxophone    
Veronica Harcsa - Vocals    

De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 
In Kris Defoort's Diving Poet Society two brilliant musicians join the heart of the Kris Defoort Trio, into a new musical adventure. Together they explore fresh compositions injected by the inspiring poems of Peter Verhelst, a unique, stubborn writer embracing life with all its “dark“ mysteries. Balancing between improvisations, composed material & instant orchestration, it is the eternal search for this ONE magical, unknown MOMENT.

Five musical poets communicating the joy of diving into an ocean of unlimited colours, words & sounds…

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