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Jérémy Dumont Quintet
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Jérémy Dumont
Phone + 32 (0)474 75 72 60
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jérémy dumont
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Jérémy Dumont - Piano    
Godwin Louis - Saxophones    
Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet    
Damien Varaillon - Double bass    
Armando Luongo - Drums    

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Having recently created a Quartet with Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Jérémy Dumont decided to turn it into a Quintet by joining forces with today’s most prominent alto saxophonist on the musical scene, Godwin Louis (Harlem, NY). The project is clearly rooted in its filiation. In the spirit of Chick Corea and Avishaï Cohen, who have delighted more than one large venue together, Jérémy Dumont has broadened his repertoire with standards by the great masters and personal compositions. Chick’s influence, omnipresent in the style and explosive energy of Jérémy's compositions, and Jean-Paul's perfectly mastered breath make for a great coherence to the whole, to which both Armando on the drums and Damien on the double bass add another colourful and enthusiastic rhythm. With one of the most beautiful alto sounds of the moment, Godwin Louis will add the finishing touch, one of tradition, to the deepest part of the quintet's soul. A respectful approach that nevertheless recreates a pure jazz spirit.
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